Autonomic Nervous System Simulator

About this Project

This is my first application submitted to the Oculus Lab for review. I created this application in 2019, with support from a grant from AACP as part of a pilot research project on the effectiveness of VR games/activities for classroom instruction and in collaboration with Jody Takemoto, Brittany Parmentier, Rachel Bratteli and Thayer Merritt. This simulator allows interaction with the autonomic nervous system, to experiment with different neurotransmitters and a few drugs to see what happens when specific receptors are activated in the heart, lungs, gastrointestinal tract, blood vessels and eyes. This was the first attempt to make this activity. It has since been further expanded to include much more (Autonomic Nervous System Challenge), but this initial more simplistic application is a great demonstration of basic autonomic pharmacology principles. Find me at:

VR view of the ANS Simulator

Increased heart rate by adding norepinephrine to beta adrenergic receptors