My XR Journey

Screenshots and Photos

Some pictures of my experiences while learning and developing XR apps.


Videos of some of the projects I've made that won't be likely to make it onto an app store. These projects have all been fundamental parts of my XR journey.

This was one of my earliest projects that I did as part of my VRND. The assets were provided by Udacity, but this was an experience in setting the mood and learning about perspective.

This was the project that was the most challenging as far as my programming skills go. I had to learn how to develop multiplayer games, which was no easy feat. Thanks to with Jody Takemoto, Rachel Bratteli and Thayer Merritt for starring in the video above.

I dabbled a little with cellphone based augmented reality and embedded videos into posters that I presented at professional meetings.

My first attempt at creating a 3D object in Blender.