Curiosity Lab

About this Project

This was my capstone project for my nanodegree in virtual reality development. As a teacher, I always try to inspire curiosity in my students, and I was excited to experiment with this in virtual reality. I created a laboratory as my main scene, where I could include a variety of interesting objects to explore. The premise of this setting was that it belonged to an eccentric scientist who had left a video diary with clues about things to investigate. I had a lot of fun incorporating subtle humor into this project. I also enjoyed learning new skills, such as creating models in blender and making custom particle effects. I am fortunate to work with people who were willing to participate in user tests and star in a mixed reality video. Creating this project was one of the most rewarding experiences of my nanodegree journey. This project was selected for Udacity's Outstanding Project Award. This app was originally designed for the HTC Vive. I am working on converting it to be compatible with the Oculus Quest. Thanks to Jody Takemoto and Thayer Merritt for starring in the video below.

Main Scene

This is the first room players see when they enter the game. It is a laboratory with several curious objects, including a mirror that swirls and glitters, glowing liquids, things you can drink, boxes to open, a rattling chest a computer that can be switching on with the correct tool and a microscope that is more than it seems.

Through the Magic Mirror

Traveling through the mirror leads to a different world. In the middle of this scene is a door with a portal back to the lab. There is a key hidden somewhere in this world. I wonder what it is for...

Green Screen Editing

I used green screen recordings of the mad scientist that this whole game is about. If you can find him, he has a lot of tips and tricks to share about interesting things in the lab.